STELLA Lab Facilities

STELLA Lab Facilities

The STELLA lab at its new premises in 13 University Gardens can be booked for teaching; please contact Alison Bennett.

The lab has 21 PCs with the standard packages for word processing, database work, email, internet access etc.

Access and Assistance

The classroom is for all staff and students of English Literature, English Language, Scottish Literature, and Theology and Religious Studies. There is open access except when classes are in progress. Much of the teaching software is self-access. Members of other College of Arts & Humanities departments may use the classroom when it is free.


A laser printer is in the lab in the centre of the room. Printer credits must be paid for in advance at Computing Service or the Library.

Texts and other Resources

English and Scots Language and Literature Links: This is a comprehensive list of links for all English and Scottish studies, including Linguistics and Phonetics. The list is approved by course tutors.

Given that all three disciplines involved are text-based, we collect and make available suitable texts from computer archives world-wide. The Texts Directory on the Q drive is available in the STELLA classroom and has hundreds of electronic texts including Old English, Middle English, Chaucer, Older Scots, Shakespeare, Victorian novels and some journalism.

We have also developed our own text archives in the SCOTS Corpus, COMET: COMputerised English Texts and STARN: the Scots Teaching and Research Network.

Specialist teaching programs for the subject areas covered by the lab can be found by opening the 'Class Applications' folder, then the folder for English Language, English Literature, or Scottish Literature.