Information for applicants

About our postgraduate taught degrees

Our specialist Masters programmes are designed to provide computing science graduates with opportunities to enhance their knowledge of computing science.  They aim to equip graduates with state-of-the-art knowledge of specialised areas of Computing Science and to prepare them for leading positions in the IT industry.     

The conversion Masters programmes in Information Technology and Software Development, on the other hand, teach software development skills to add to existing knowledge outside computing and to prepare students for positions in the IT industry. These are intensive practically-oriented programmes, intended for students with good undergraduate degrees in subjects other than Computing Science and are focused on employment needs.  

You can search detailed information on our programme aims, intended learning outcomes, assessment and structure in our programme specifications at

Full time and part-time study

All our Masters programmes can be studied over 12 months full time or 24 months part-time.  If you are applying for full time study, you should expect to spend five full working days attending courses each week during term time.  It is not possible for you to also engage in full time employment.  

If you are intending to study one of our programmes on a part-time study basis, you must complete the program over a two year period.  You will study around 30 credits of material over 4 semesters and must sit the examinations for your courses in the same academic year in which you are enrolled.  You must pass your first year taught courses at a satisfactory level before being able to continue with your studies.  The Masters project can be completed over two summer periods rather than one. You are advised not to engage in full time employment since this will result in a heavy workload for two years.   In exceptional circumstances, you may be given permission to miss a small number of classes provided you discuss the matter with your adviser and undertake to make up the missed classes through personal study.  Part-time students should be aware that it is rarely possible to schedule taught courses over a restricted number of days.  Dependent on your chosen optional courses, you may expect to be on campus on most week days.

Students who are working should endeavour to schedule their work so that they can attend all class meetings.

Course catalogue

Each programme consists of a number of modular courses.   More detailed information on our wide range of courses is available in the Course Catalogue, including detailed aims and intended learning outcomes.  Your choice of courses will be dependent upon your chosen degree programme and completion of any pre-requisites.

Excellence scholarships for international students

We aim to provide students with an intellectually demanding, research and industry-informed education. International excellence awards of £10,000 are available to international candidates with a 1st class UK-equivalent honours degree of 75% and above. Separate application for this scholarship is not required.


To be eligible, you must

  • be classed as international for fee purposes
  • hold a conditional or unconditional offer for a Computing Science led postgraduate taught programme
  • achieve 75% and above in your entry degree

Applicants who are being considered for one of these scholarships will be notified by our central scholarships team.  Early application is strongly encouraged to secure one of these high value scholarships.