Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Qualifications

Am I qualified for the course I want to do?

As a general guide, most courses require you to have an Upper Second Class Honours degree (or equivalent), 2 satisfactory academic references and, if English is not your first language, an IELTS 6.5 with no subtest below 6.

For the MBA you have to have at least 3 years of management level work experience. Some degrees in Medicine require that you have at least 2 years of clinical experience after having completed your medical studies.

You can find entry requirements of postgraduate programmes on the A-Z list of programmes. If you cannot find the information, or you are unclear what the entry requirements are, you can contact the Postgraduate Admissions Office by email or telephone: +44 (0) 141 330 4515.

Please note, the Postgraduate Admissions Team can only tell you what the entry requirements are, they cannot tell you whether you will get an offer or not. We need to have a completed application form and all of the required supporting documents before the admissions committee can make a decision.

I only have a diploma: can I still apply?

We normally look for students to have successfully completed an honours degree after secondary or high school and in most cases to have majored in a relevant discipline. Therefore, students with diplomas are not qualified for entry. However, if you have work experience or have taken a professional qualification which is directly relevant to the type of Masters you wish to take, then this can sometimes compensate if you have not completed the required honours degree. For this to be taken into consideration you must supply a comprehensive description of work experience related to your intended Masters programme.

Pre-masters programmes are also available at Glasgow International College and are designed to prepare international students for admission to postgraduate degrees at the University of Glasgow. For more information, consult Glasgow international College directly. 

I've started my postgraduate degree at another University: can I transfer to Glasgow University to finish it?

No, it is not possible to transfer part way through a postgraduate course and to complete it at the University of Glasgow.

Your References, Transcripts and English Qualification

What documents do I need to send you?

As well as your application form we also need the following:

  • A copy of your current or final academic transcripts and their official translations
  • A copy of your degree certificates and their official translations
  • Two academic references on headed paper. We will not accept references if they are not on headed paper
  • any additional documents specifically listed on the Taught degree programmes A-Z
  • IELTS score if English is not your first language
  • Copy of your passport (photo page) - non-EU applicants only

Do I need to send you my original references?

No. Clear scanned copies of your references on headed paper are acceptable. If your referees prefer to send original letters to our office, they can do so. Simply ask them to state your name, your reference number and the course you are applying for on the reference letter.

Are my reference letters absolutely confidential?

Ask your referees to provide open reference letters that you can simply scan and upload with the rest of your documents. If, however, your referees prefer to send sealed references, please post the sealed letters to the Postgraduate Admissions team at the Recruitment & International Office.

Can you contact my referees yourself to ask for references?

No, that is not possible. It is your responsibility to request the references in the first instance and make sure they understand what we require from them. We will occasionally contact your referees to obtain further information on your performance.

Can my referees email their references?

Yes. Your referees can email a scanned copy of their letter to us, provided it is on headed paper. We will also accept a reference by email provided the email is from your referee's professional email account and contains their full employee name and address. They should send it to the

Do I need to send you my original IELTS/TOEFL certificate?

No. We can verify your IELTS or TOEFL results online so you may send us a scanned copy or clear photocopy of your official certificate.

Do you accept TOEFL?

TOEFL certificates are accepted for most courses, but IELTS is required for some of them. Please check that TOEFL is suitable for your course before arranging to sit a TOEFL exam: if the course conveners ask for IELTS they will not accept TOEFL instead. If in doubt, check with our English as a Foreign Language unit.

Can I just print my last degree module results from my University online results system?

No. We do not accept this as proof of your results. We need an official transcript from your University, which you should be able to get from your Registry department. If it is your final transcript, it needs to state what your final overall result is. Please include the transcript of your full degree, not just the last year.

My degree transcripts/references are in a language that is not English, is this ok?

No. We need an official translation of your documents into English if they are not printed in English in the first place. We will not be able to process your application until we have received a copy of your original documents and their official translation
The official translation must contain confirmation from the translator/translation company that it is an accurate translation of the original document, the date of the translation, the translator/an authorised official of the translation company’s full name and signature, and the translator/translation company’s contact details. The translation is a document that can be independently verified. The original translation will be required when you apply for your Tier 4 visa.
Where a translation of an overseas qualification or award certificate is submitted, we will not take it as a direct translation of the academic level of that award. We will always use UK NARIC to assess the equivalency of overseas qualifications.

I have not finished my first degree: can I still apply?

Yes, but you will not receive an unconditional offer until we have received your final results. You may be made a conditional offer on finishing your degree at the required grade.

I have just sent you all my original documents: can I get them back?

Yes, but you need to request them back as we do not return them automatically due to the high number of applications we receive. You can request any original certificates, i.e. your degree transcripts and your IELTS or TOEFL score. We cannot return your references, as these are confidential. This request can be made at any time during the application process, by emailing the Admissions Team stating your current postal address.

If you are not offered a place at the University of Glasgow and wish to get your original documents back, you must request them within 30 days, after which your application and documents will be destroyed.

Do you need to see my CV or personal statement?

These documents are generally not required. See the entry requirements for your course.

I have received an email requesting supporting documents. What does it mean?

The email will list the documents that we need to make a decision on your application. Follow the directions given in the email, access your online application and upload your supporting documents. Entry requirements and required documents are listed on the Taught Degree programmes A-Z.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the application is complete and that all required documents are submitted on time. Failure to do so may mean that your application will not be considered.

I have received an email telling me that my application will be withdrawn because my documents have not been submitted. I do not have the documents you require. What do I do?

Please contact the Admissions team and let us know. We will allow you more time to submit the required information.


How do I arrange my accommodation?

You can do this by following the instructions on: Apply for accommodation

Can you arrange my accommodation for me?

No, you need to make your own arrangements. The instructions are easy to follow on our How to apply for accommodation web page.

I am an International student. Can you guarantee me accommodation?

If you hold an Unconditional offer which you have accepted, and apply for accommodation by the 22nd of August, we will guarantee you a place in university accommodation (not necessarily your first choice).

International Assistance

What additional information do you have for International students?

Your electronic offer will include links to the International student handbook and to the SRC guide. You should also consult the International students section of our website.

I am coming to Glasgow from overseas, can I be met at the airport?

Yes, if you are arriving for the start of your course in September. We have a Welcome Programme for International students, which runs as part of the Orientation Programme. For more information look for the Orientation Programme on the International Student Support webpages. The volunteers, usually fellow students, meet incoming flights to Glasgow and provide help to new arrivals to the Glasgow area.

Where do I find out about the Orientation programme and Induction programme?

Your department will send you information on your Induction. More information on the University Orientation and Induction can be found on our online Orientation programme pages.

Visa Questions

How much time should I allow for getting my visa?

This will partly depend on where you apply for your visa. If you contact the visa commission in your country, they should be able to advise you roughly how long you can expect to wait. As it is a complicated process, it advisable to start applying for it as soon as possible after applying for your course.

Do I need a visa and how do I apply for one?

Please consult the UKBA website to help you decide whether you need a visa or not. It also has information on how to apply for a visa and on Tier 4 immigration rules

I am having problems getting my visa: who can advise me?

You can get help from our International Representatives.

I won't get my visa in time for the start of my course: can you issue an extension letter please?

Your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) will show the latest date at which you can enrol. You can only arrive late for your course with the course convenor’s permission, as you may have missed too much teaching. Before you arrive late, please check with the Admissions Team that you will be allowed to start late.

My visa application was rejected: please can you write a letter of support to the visa authorities?

No, we do not write directly to the visa authorities for students. If you have accepted an Unconditional offer from us, we will issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) to you confirming details about your course and that you have accepted the offer.

I have received my CAS. Can I still change my course?

A CAS is linked to a specific programme. Please take time to consider your options before you accept an unconditional offer. If you still want to change your programme, contact the Admissions Team. This however may delay your visa application process.


Further Information

Where can I find some Careers advice?

Amongst many other features, our Careers Service offers comprehensive links to opportunities for work experience as well as providing excellent advice on programme choices. In addition, it provides a number of Information Centre Resources to support career choices and planning, as well as advice on finding a job or placement at the University whilst studying here. There is now a dedicated International Careers Officer to help International students with finding employment opportunities.

How can I contact the Postgraduate Admissions team?

Please email with your enquiry and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.