Justin Hargreaves

Professor Justin Hargreaves

Professor of Catalytic Materials Chemistry (Chemistry)

Research interests: My research interests are primarily centred around heterogeneous catalysis and, in particular, the elucidation of structure-activity relationships in oxidation reactions catalysed by metal oxide catalysts. Heterogeneous catalysis, materials chemistry, environmental chemistry.

David Jackson

Professor David Jackson

Professor (Chemistry)

Research interests: My research interests lie in six overlapping areas: metal catalysed hydrogenation; syn-gas production and use; catalyst activation and catalyst deactivation; dehydrogenation; heterogeneous catalysis in fine chemicals synthesis; base catalysis.

David Lennon

Professor David Lennon

Professor of Physical Chemistry (Chemistry)

Research interests: Surface chemistry and in particular applying a variety of spectroscopic techniques to probe the interaction of atoms and molecules on well-defined metal surfaces.