Heterogeneous Catalysis

Heterogeneous Catalysis Research

catalysis research centre graphic from surface to plantThe University of Glasgow has a long tradition of research in Heterogeneous Catalysis.  Over the years this has developed and grown and we now have a Centre for Catalysis Research that is one of the most up-to-date, well-equipped units in the UK.  We have active research programmes covering, new catalytic materials, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, energy, fuels and catalyst deactivation.

Our aim is to acquire a fundamental understanding and then apply that knowledge to catalytic processes to achieve sustainable development.

We can prepare catalysts/catalytic materials using a range of techniques with scales from mg to kilos.

We have a suite of characterisation facilities including FTIR, Raman, and UV-Visible spectroscopies and XRD all of which have reaction cells that allow us to probe the catalyst under catalytically relevant conditions.

Our reactor suite includes a Berty reactor, various Buchi 3-phase reactors, and a number of continuous flows reactors.  We have reactors that can operate from atmospheric pressure up to 100bar and from sub-zero to 1000oC.

We regularly work with isotopes both stable and radioactive to elucidate reaction mechanisms. 

Our studies are often done in collaboration with industry and other academic centres both in the UK and abroad.  

The links at the side will take you to the web pages of our research group leaders, where you will get more information on their research interests.

If you have a general enquiry please contact Prof. S David Jackson.