School of Chemistry increasing its number of gender-inclusive toilets

Issued: Thu, 15 Aug 2019 11:12:37 BST

The University has recently announced a programme of changes to make our campus more inclusive, including increasing the number of gender-inclusive toilets.

The following information is taken from the University's news release about this:

"The University is an inclusive campus, and part of this is to ensure everyone has suitable toilet facilities. It is University policy to ensure there is an appropriate spread of accessible, female, male, and gender-neutral toilets across campus for staff and students.

In general, toilets with stall cubicles and communal handwashing facilities will be female or male, bathrooms with a toilet and handwashing facilities enclosed will be gender-neutral, and accessible facilities will meet the requirements as set in building regulations. The University has standardised the signage for toilet facilities.

There is a programme of work to change some of the existing facilities, and therefore you may see changes to some of your local toilets. The plan of work currently is for the Main Building, Joseph Black Building, School of Law in Professor Square, University Gardens (no 3-14), Kelvin Building, and a range of facilities at Garscube."

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