Dr Kenneth Barr

  • Research Associate (Theatre, Film & Television Studies)

Research interests

Kenny Barr is a Research Associate on the ‘Television in Transition’ project at the Centre for Cultural Policy Research. Prior to his appointment at CCPR, Kenny was awarded a Lord Kelvin/Adam Smith Scholarship to undertake doctoral research into music copyright in the digital age.

This doctoral research focused on copyright as it shapes the commercial decision-making of creators and investors in the contemporary UK music industries. Building on this it is clear that a number of relevant cross-sector phenomena can be observed in the music and television production sectors, as well as the wider creative industries.

These include: the fragmentation of markets/audiences; rapid proliferation of nascent intermediaries and platforms; vertical and horizontal integration at all levels of cultural production; consolidation of ownership/control of output; the so-called ‘disintermediation’,‘re-intermediation’ and ‘democratisation’ of media production.

Of particular interest is the interplay between commercial and creative decision-making. That is to say, the extent to which factors such as: notions of independence, corporate structure and ownership/control of rights shape the character of the content that is produced.


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  • University of Glasgow Lord Kelvin/Adam Smith PhD Scholarship 2011-2015: ‘Music Copyright in the Digital Age’

Additional Information

Selected conference papers

‘Is Forever Longer Than Always?’ Life of Copyright Contracts in the UK Recording Industry’, MU History Conference, Glasgow, UK, 14th-15th January 2016

‘Going for a Song: Theory and Practice of Contracts in Music Publishing’ (co-authored with Professor Ruth Towse) SERCI Conference, Glasgow, UK, 2nd-4th September 2015

‘The Gift that Keeps Giving’: Copyright and Gift in the Digital Music Economy, IASPM 18th Biennial Conference, Campinas: Brazil, 29th June-3rd July 2015

‘Take it or leave it!’: Copyright, Creators and Commercial Decision-Making, IASPM Benelux 30th Anniversary Conference: Rotterdam, Netherlands, 6th-7th November 2014

Musicians and Copyright: A Digital Crisis?, IASPM 17th Biennial Conference: Gijon, Spain, 24th-28th June 2013

‘Just Got Paid’: Copyright’s Division of Musical Labour in the Digital Age, IASPM Canada Conference: Hamilton, Canada, 23rd-26th May 2013

Other publications

Barr, K. (2013) ‘Theorizing Music Streaming: Preliminary Investigations’, Scottish Music Review, Vol.3. http://www.scottishmusicreview.org/index.php/SMR/article/view/40

Barr, K. (2015) ‘PRS for Music Festival and Concert Tariff Review’, livemusicexchange.org, available at: http://livemusicexchange.org/blog/prsfor-music-festival-and-concert-tariff-review-kenny-barr/

Article Under Review

Barr, K. & Towse, R. (forthcoming) ‘For the Sake of the Song: Writer Contracts in the Contemporary UK Music Publishing Industry’

Contributing Author
Kretschmer, M. and Singh, S. (eds.) (2014) Creative Industries Hopes and Fears / September 2014, CREATe

copyrightuser.org (2017) ‘Going for a Song’, available at: http://copyrightuser.org/going-for-a-song/

Book Reviews

Barr, K. (2013) Review of Stahl, M. (2012) 'Unfree Masters: Recording Artists and the Politics of Work' in Popular Music, 32, pp. 527-529.

Barr, K. (2013) Review of Inglis, I. (2013) 'Popular Music and Television in Britain' in Popular Music, 32, pp. 139-141.

Barr, K. (2012) Review of McLeod, K. and Kuenzli, R. (2011) 'Cutting Across Media: Appropriation Art, Interventionist Collage and Copyright Law' in Popular Music, 31, pp. 301-303.