The Project so far September 2010

The Project so far September 2010

In June Dr Lisa Kelly gave birth to a baby boy and she will return to work on project in the new year.  As a result, the project has been extended into the summer of 2011.


In July this year, Raymond Boyle submitted a paper to the International Association of Media and Communications Research at the Universidade do Minho in Braga, Portugal . The paper was entitled ‘Television, Citizenship and Public Knowledge: The Case of the Television Entrepreneurs’ and considered how business entertainment formats, such The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den, impact on audience perceptions of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial activity at the same time as examining wider media narratives constructed around entrepreneurship.

In August he was invited to attend a seminar on the Cultural Industries held by the Argentine government in Buenos Aires .  He spoke about the project and presented a paper entitled, Television, Citizenship and Public Knowledge:The case of the Television Entrepreneurs.

New Research

The first published research to emerge from the project appeared in June. This research examining the rise of the business entertainment format on television has been published by the journal Television and New Media.  The article, Business on Television: Continuity, Change, and Risk in the Development of Television’s “Business Entertainment Format”, and is authored by Lisa Kelly and Raymond Boyle. The article traces the evolution of what has come to be known as the business entertainment format on British television by drawing on interviews with channel controllers, commissioners and producers across the BBC, Channel 4 and the UK independent sector. The print version will appear in November 2010. More details at:

Another co-authored article entitled, ‘The Celebrity Entrepreneur on Television: Profile, Politics and Power’ will appear in Celebrity Studies in November. This work examines the emergence of the business guru on television and the ways in which it shapes public perceptions of business. More details at:


Raymond appeared on the BBC Radio Culture Café on 3 August to discuss the project and the role that television plays in shaping our understanding of business.

Work continues on a book from the project The Television Entrepreneurs which will be published by Ashgate and is expected to be completed next year.