The Clinical Research Unit is composed of several teams that have as a common theme the application and conduct of clinical studies. Jane Plumb co-heads the CR-UK programme on drug and gene delivery. Jim Paul is senior statistician at the CR-UK trials unit at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre and has a pivotal role in the management and conduct of our (mainly) large-scale randomised controlled trials. Rob Jones and Hing Leung are both lead figures in the field of urological oncology. Hing also leads his own Beatson Institute group. Anthony Chalmers is the Chair of Radiation Oncology. His main research interest is in the mechanisms of DNA repair, which obviously fits well with several other groups in Glasgow. His clinical interest is in brain cancers and he is currently PI for a CR-UK sponsored trial in this disease that incorporates several translational endpoints pertinent to his own lab programme (which is currently MRC supported).