Dr Wee Meng Yeo

  • Senior Lecturer in Operations Management (Management)


Wee Meng joined the Adam Smith Business School in January 2018. He is interested in pursuing practice-inspired research and teaching in operations management.

Prior to joining University of Glasgow, he was a research scientist at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology. In his former role, he was involved in industry-assist projects such as software development and training in the areas of demand forecasting and inventory planning.

He also held postdoctoral position at Georgia Institute of Technology, and was a member of the adjunct faculty with Singapore Management University.

Research interests

Wee Meng is a member of the Services and Operations Management research cluster.

Areas of expertise:

  • Supply chain and operations management
  • Inventory control


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Chen, G., Lim, M. K. , Yeo, W. and Tseng, M.-L. (2024) Net zero vs. carbon neutrality: supply chain management challenges and future research agenda. International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, (doi: 10.1080/13675567.2024.2359058) (Early Online Publication)

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Research Reports or Papers

Chiam, T., Cottrill, C. D., Yeo, W. M. and Wallis, T. (2021) Reimagining Transport in Towns and Small Cities: Surveying and Modelling User Preferences. Project Report. Aspect. (Unpublished)

Yeo, W.M. , Xing, D., Mills, H., Ockendon, J. and Madill, J. (2019) Optimal scheduling of steelmaking and casting operations. Technical Report. Innovate UK's Knowledge Transfer Network.

Conference Proceedings

Yeo, W.M. (2021) An Operational Form of Bundling. In: 26th International Conference on Production Research (ICPR 2021), Taichung, Taiwan, 18-21 Jul 2021,

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  • Pricing and incentives for new transport solutions in towns and small cities (with CollectiveTech and University of Aberdeen), via ASPECT Zinc, £4580, 2020
  • ERASMUS+ Mobility Grant, £2600.00, 2019


Wee is interested in supervising PhD projects in the fields of:

  1. inventory control and optimisation 
  2. operations-marketing interface
  3. non-profit operations

Currently, his research uses quantitative techniques in applied probability, operations research and game theory. However, he also welcome students with interests to apply multidisciplinary approaches to pursue similar research areas.

Wee and his colleague Dr Farhad Shafti have considered supervising a PhD student in the area of foodbank supply chain. This research aims to explore how they can improve the UK foodbank and adopts a combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches to draw insights into supply chain design. In effect, this topic falls under a broader class of closed-loop supply chain pertaining to non-profit organisations such as foodbank to explore an optimised or desirable setup for their operations. This is their initial idea, but they are flexible to consider any interesting variations of the above.

Currently there is no available financial support for this topic, but once a suitable candidate starts the work, any appropriate opportunities will be considered. There are no guarantees that such opportunities result in financial support, therefore the candidate needs to be prepared for self-finance. Please provide your cv, academic transcript, and a proposal outlining how your interests can be a good fit for this particular research agenda.

Current supervision

  • Bai, Yutong
    The impact of blockchain technology implementation on supply chain collaboration
  • Tiyasangthong, Naruemon
    IT Implementation Challenges in Thailand Public Sector Organization - An Alignment Perspective
  • Tolegenov, Bakyt
    Challenges and opportunities brought about by the revivification of the ancient Silk Road under the “One Belt One Road” Initiative for Kazakhstan, its positive and negative implications



  • Operations management (MSc Professional Pathways)
  • Supply Chain Management (MBA Elective)


  • Project Management (Year 3)