Dr Ramona Blanes

  • Lecturer in International Business and Services (Management)


Ramona has more than 20 years of experience working in senior positions in financial services and management consultancy organisations. She has worked in Asia and Europe, and with clients and colleagues in Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East.

Ramona has a MBA specialising in Islamic Banking and Finance. Her PhD research explored the concept of Public Value and the Public Sector Reforms through the lens of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Research interests

Ramona is a member of the Services and Operations Management research cluster.

Areas of expertise:

  • Business ethics
  • Financial services and technologies
  • Public value
  • Public sector reform
  • Reverse innovation


  • 2019: “Ethnicity and everyday Life: A case study of Chinese Kelantanese”. (Funded by University Sains Malaysia: £4,000)
  • 2018: “Strategies of China’s EMNEs for Reverse Innovation”. (Funded by Liverpool John Moores University: £3,000)


  • Alternative financial services
  • Public value
  • Sustainable transportation



  • Customer relationship management 
  • FinTech: Alternative finance 
  • Internationalisation strategies 
  • Managing public sector transformation
  • Managing strategic change


Additional information


  • Citigroup Global Quality Award 2002
  • Citibank Global Relationship Award (Merrill Lynch) 1998
  • Citibank Global Relationship Award (Nomura) 1997