Dr Paul Ahn

  • Lecturer in Accounting and Finance (Accounting and Finance)

telephone: 01413305986
email: Paul.Ahn@glasgow.ac.uk


Paul Ahn was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. He studied Western history for Bachelor of Arts and public policy for Master of Public Administration degree at Seoul National University. Later, he studied accounting for Master of Accounting and for PhD in Commerce at the Australian National University.

Paul joined the Adam Smith Business School as a Lecturer in Accounting and Finance in November 2014. Previously he was an associate lecturer at UNSW Canberra, Australia.

Research interests

Paul is a member of the Accounting research cluster.

Areas of expertise: 

  • Critical perspectives on accounting
  • Accounting professionalization
  • Accounting and business history
  • Public sector reform
  • Management accounting and internal control


PhD students

Ahmad Zaki

  • Topic: Exploring Dialogic Engagement of Indonesian Financial Institutions via Communication in Social Media
  • Co-supervisor: Prof Sonja Gallhofer


  • Introduction to business reporting and financial accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Management accounting in organisations and society