Econometrics seminars

The Econometrics Seminar Series allows distinguished researchers from other institutions to present their latest work.

Abstracts and biographies for upcoming seminars can be found on our  page.

Please note that our seminars are currently taking place online via Zoom and are open to all. For further information and to register for individual seminars, please contact the Events Team.


Semester 1 

1 October 2021, 4pm
Joseph Antonelli, University of Florida

8 October 2021, 4pm
Kenichiro McAlinn, Temple University

15 October 2021, 4pm
Eric Auerbach, Northwestern University

22 October 2021, 4pm
Yinchu Zhu, Brandeis Univeristy

29 October 2021, 4pm
Chihwa Cao, University of Connecticut

5 November 2021, 4pm
Francesca Molinari, Cornell University

12 November 2021, 4pm
Martin Huber, University of Fribourg

19 November 2021, 4pm
Florian Gunsilius, University of Michigan

26 November 2021, 4pm
Kenichi Shimizu, University of Glasgow

3 December 2021, 4pm
Andriy Norets, Brown University

10 December 2021, 4pm
Takuya Ura, UC Davis

17 December 2021, 4pm
Katja Smetanina, University of Chicago

Semester 2 

14 January 2022, 4pm
Norman Swanson, Rutgers University

11 February 2022, 4pm
Alex Tetenov, University of Geneva

18 February 2022, 4pm
Kenichi Nagasawa, University of Warwick

25 February 2022, 4pm
Laura Liu, Indiana University

4 March 2022, 4pm
Juhee Bae, University of Glasgow

11 March 2022, 4pm
Christian Brownlees, Pompeu Fabra University

18 March 2022, 4pm
Martin Wiedner, University of Oxford and Silvia Goncalves, McGill University