Students with large 'U of G' letters at Dumfries campus


Welcoming exchange students from around the world that study Accounting and Finance, Business & Management and Economics

Incoming exchange students currently at a partner institute can stay for a single semester or a full academic year to study a range of modules taught on our undergraduate programmes here with us at the Adam Smith Business School. Applications are made through your home institution's study abroad or international office.

You can find the full process on how you can study abroad and download a Study Abroad Handbook throuh the University's Study Abroad Programme page, led by the GoAbroad Team.

Course structures

Undergrauate degree programme structures: 

Visiting Business & Management and Economics students

Visiting students in Business & Management and Economics should also note the following: 

  • Level 3 and 5 courses in Economics as well as Business & Management are not available to incoming exchange students. 

Incoming exchange students:

  • wishing to take Level 4 courses in Economics must have passed intermediate level Microeconomics and Macroeconomics classes,
  • cannot combine Level 1, 2 and Level 4 courses,
  • cannot to take Level 4 courses if their background is not in Business & Management,
  • cannot take Level 4 courses if their background is not in Economics,
  • attending the University of Glasgow for Semester 1 or for the full year must have their classes approved by the end of the add/drop period - Week 2 of Semester 1. Students attending in Semester 2 must have their classes approved by the end of Week 2 in that semester,
  • may attend lectures on an informal basis during the add/drop period until their courses are approved, 
  • from engineering with no Economics background are directed to the Microeconomics E1 course,
  • from engineering with no Business & Management background are directed to the Professional Practice 5 course.