Empirical Methods for Macroeconomists 2024

Published: 21 June 2024

10 - 13 September. The 2024 Summer School on Empirical Methods for Macroeconomists

Abstract image showing the trading graph over a blurred photo

10 - 13 September 2024
Adam Smith Business School, 2 Discovery Place, Glasgow G11 6EY

The University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School offers a range of applied courses in macroeconomics and econometrics for practitioners who are working in areas such as monetary economics, international economics, financial economics and banking.

Our courses aim at developing technical and practical skills of economists working at policy-related topics at central banks, international organisations, national policy institutions and private sector on forecasting and macroeconomic modeling. These courses can also be of interest for PhD students who want to improve their employability skills in these areas and/or use these tools in their dissertations.

Find out more on the Empirical Methods for Macroeconomists summer school website


Further information: business-executive-education@glasgow.ac.uk 

First published: 21 June 2024

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