Graduate Students

Graduate Students

A good fraction of my work is done with other researchers in the Institute (these include Sarah Cleaveland, Heather Ferguson, Katie Hampson, Richard Orton, Richard Reeve).   A lot is also done with PhD students, past and present.  These include:

Current students

  •  (BBSRC). Forensic epidemiology using FMDV complete genome sequencing. (Co-supervised with Dr’s David Paton and Don King at the Institute of Animal Health, Pirbright) (2008-20011).
  • Catherine Higham (Kelvin-Smith Studentship).  Dynamic DNA and human disease: use of mathematical modelling to provide clinical prognoses in myotonic dystrophy (Co-supervised with Darren Monckton and Christina Cobbold) (2008-2011).
  •   (DTA-BBSRC studentship).  Comparative epidemiology of fox parasites in urban and rural populations (Co-supervised with Louise Matthews) (2008-2012).
  • (Kelvin-Smith studentship). Incorporating behavioural responses to health communication into epidemiological models. (Co-supervised with Rebecca Mancy and Kate Reid) (2010-2014).

Completed students

I’ve been very lucky to have some outstanding students in the past.  They have all gone to do interesting things:

  • Eleanor Cottam (BBSRC). The micro-evolution of foot-and-mouth disease virus. (Co-supervised with Dr's David Paton and Don King at the Institute of Animal Health, Pirbright) (2004-2007).
    Eleanor is currently undetaking a BBSRC funded post-doc at University of East Anglia
  •   (NERC). Stability and complexity in model ecosystems. (Co-supervised with Louise Matthews) (2005-2008).
    Sunny is currently undertaking post-doctoral research in Tanzania
  • (Macaulay Development Trust). Moorland biodiversity: modeling impacts of policy and land-use change. (Co-supervised with Simon Thirgood and David Miller, MLURI) (2005-2008).
    Douglas is currently undertaking post-doctoral work in Australia
  • (CONACyT) Life history evolution: Nematodes as a model. (Co-supervised with Jan Lindstrom) (2005-2008).
    Anaid is currently undertaking NERC-funded post-doctoral research at Bristol University
  • (Leverhulme Trust).  Controlling infectious disease in wildlife populations.  (Co-supervised with Sarah Cleaveland and Karen Laurenson, University of Edinburgh) (2006-2009).
    Hawthorne is currently undertaking post-doctoral research at University of Toronto
  •  (University of Glasgow).  Human-wildlife conflicts in Ethiopia: Livestock grazing strategies in semi-protected areas (2006-2009). (Co-supervised with David Macdonald and Claudio Sillero-Zubiri, WILDCRU) (2006-2009).
    Flavie is currently undertaking post-doctoral research at Imperial
  • (Scottish National Heritage).  Assessing cumulative effects of wind farms on bird populations (2007-2010). (Co-supervised with Bob Furness, University of Glasgow) (2007-2010).
    Liz is currently undertaking undertaking post-doctoral research at the University of the Highlands and Islands
  •   (NERC-Open Case).  Population dynamics of mountain hares (Co-supervised with Simon Thirgood (now deceased) and Scott Newey) (2008-2011).
    Annabel is now Project Officer for North East Scotland Scottish Wildlife Trust's: Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels project.
  •  (Stewart Studentship).  Evolutionary and Ecological Dynamics of Antimicrobial Resistance (Co-supervised with Dominic Mellor) (2007-2011).
    Alison is now undertaking post-doctoral research at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge.
  •   (Kelvin-Smith Studentship).  Mathematical Modelling of the Evolutionary Dynamics of Extreme Genomic Diversification (Co-supervised with Christina Cobbold Barbara Mable, and Dave Barry) (2007-2011).
    Erida is starting a post-doc in Portugal