Here is a list of some current grants I'm funded by:

  • BBSRC/DfID (co-appl), Molecular epidemiology of brucellosis in northern Tanzania, £742,261, 2014-2017. (with Dr J. Halliday)
  • Leverhulme Royal Society Africa Award (co-appl), A One-Health approach to dissecting the diverse zoonotic causes of non-malaria febrile illness, £174,670, 2014-2017. (with Dr J. Halliday and Tanzanian collaborators at The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, NM-AIST)
  • National Institute of Health, Environmental and genetic basis of malaria transmitting behaviours in Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes, 2014-2015. (with Dr H. Ferguson)
  • BBSRC (co-appl), Assessing the impact of foot-and-mouth disease control programs, £24,490, 2013-2017. (with Dr R. Reeve (PI), Dr T. Lembo & Dr M. Mudaliar)
  • EMIDA (UG PI). EPI-SEQ Molecular epidemiology of epizootic diseases using next generation sequencing technology.  £377,000, 2012-2015.
  • BBSRC (Co-PI). Beyond the consensus: defining the significance of foot and mouth disease viral sequence diversity. (With Dr D. King IAH), £299,814, 2011-2014.
  • Wellcome Trust (co-appl). Why some hosts have high parasite burdens and  the implications for the design of sustainable control strategies (with Dr L. Matthews (PI), Prof. M. Stear), £172,523, 2010-2013.
  • Kelvin-Smith Studentship (co-appl). Incorporating public responses to health communication into epidemiological models (with Dr R. Mancy (PI), Dr K. Reid, U. Glasgow).  £65,000.  3 years from October 2010.
  • MRC (PI).  Understanding how a complex intervention works: designing large-scale vaccination programs (with Prof. S Cleaveland, Prof. R Kao). £609,122. 4 years from March 2010.
  • BBSRC/DFID. (co-appl).  Towards the strategic control of endemic foot-and-mouth disease.  (with Prof. S Cleaveland (PI) and Dr R. Reeve). £999,189. 4 years from March 2010.
  • BBSRC/DFID. (co-appl). Improving the quality of FMD vaccines by understanding the correlation of vaccine-induced protection with humoral and cellular immune responses.  (with Dr S. Parida (PI) IAH-Pirbright). £114,450. 4 years from March 2010.
  • Wellcome Trust (co-appl). (African Institutes Capacity Building Initiative).  AfriqueOne: African Research Consortium for Ecosystem and Population Health: "Expanding Frontiers in Health”, led by Professor Bassirou Bonfoh. £4,997,000, 2009-2014.