Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities

Driving forward the institute’s work on the determinants of population health and inequalities in health

‌Historically, health research has focused on improving survival after acute health problems such as heart attacks. However, ageing population means that more people are now living with chronic diseases. Different chronic diseases often share the same drivers and risk factors, and it is now the norm for people to have multiple health problems. This means that considering individual diseases separately is not necessarily the best approach to either managing or preventing chronic diseases.

The wide range of disciplines represented in the Institute of Health and Wellbeing makes us ideally equipped to explore the determinants of many aspects of health. To do this, we study the broad range of factors that determine health and wellbeing with a view to improving our understanding of the determinants and patterning of health. This enables us to identify opportunities to improve the health of individuals, groups and populations. 

We collaborate with research groups across the two colleges spanned by the Institute and are developing appropriate partnerships nationally and internationally, placing the Institute at the forefront of research into the determinants of health and health inequalities.


For all enquiries related to the Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities research theme, please contact our theme lead or deputy theme lead: