Senescence and Stem Cell Heterogeneity

We are interested in the effects of ageing on stem cell and cancer/senescence heterogeneity.

Age is the single biggest factor underlying the onset of many haematological malignancies. The onset of myeloid bias and clonal haematopoiesis in the haematopoietic stem cell compartment with increasing age predisposes to myeloid malignancies and age-related disease such as cardiovascular disease. However, the relationship between haematopoietic stem cell heterogeneity with age and transformation to leukaemic stem cells is still unclear. We are currently investigating the mechanism and evolution of clonal haemopoiesis using single cell omics approaches and metabolomics.


Another interest in my lab is the relationship between pre-malignant, senescent stages and subsequent evolution to cancer. We recently identified differences in primary and secondary transcriptomes and are actively interrogating functional differences caused by this heterogeneity using advanced mouse models alongside tissue culture approaches.