Undergraduate degrees

Staff from the Institute are also involved with teaching across a number of the undergraduate degrees administered by the School of Life Sciences, including BSc. Marine & Freshwater Biology and BSc. Zoology.

Find out more about these degrees and who teaches on them.

Undergraduates are exposed to some of the latest research developed by members of the Institute and the School of Life Sciences. They also have fantastic opportunities to actively engage in research, both within formal training (honours projects) and through summer studentships.

Undergraduate degree programmes

Undergraduate teaching

In addition to postgraduate taught courses run by the Institute, our staff members are also involved with teaching across a number of the undergraduate degrees administered by the School of Life Sciences, including BSc. Zoology and BSc. Marine & Freshwater Biology.

Prof. Colin Adams Zoo & MFB - Freshwater field course, Ecology field course, Marine & freshwater ecosystems, Freshwater ecology
Dr Simon Babayan Zoo & MFB - Parasite Biology
Dr David Bailey Zoo & MFB - Vertebrates, Physiological ecology of marine animals, Tropical marine biology
Prof Michael Barrett (IIIs) Zoo & MFB - Parasite Biology
Dr Roman Biek Zoo & MFB - Molecular methods, Disease ecology, Applying ecology
Dr Michelle Bellingham Zoo & MFB - Animal physiology, Core skills, Vertebrates
Prof. Sarah Cleaveland Zoo - Disease ecology
Dr Peter Dominy (SLS) Zoo & MFB - Marine & freshwater ecosystems
Prof. Roger Downie Zoo & MFB - Vertebrates
Dr Kathryn Elmer MFB - Evolution, Ecological speciation
Dr Heather Ferguson Zoo & MFB - Experimental design
Prof Mike Hansell Zoo & MFB - Ecology field course
Prof. Dan Haydon Zoo & MFB - Disease ecology
Prof. Malcolm Kennedy (SLS) Zoo & MFB - Parasite biology
Dr Shaun Killen Zoo & MFB - Behavioural ecology
Dr Ashley Le Vin (SLS) Zoo & MFB - Core skills, Invertebrates, Animal physiology, Experimental design, Ecology field course
Dr Jan Lindstrom Zoo & MFB - Data analysis, Core skills, Behavioural ecology
Dr Jeff Liston (SLS) Zoo & MFB - Vertebrates
Dr Dominic McCafferty Zoo & MFB - Marine mammal biology, Physiological ecology of marine animals
Dr Anna McGregor (SLS) Zoo & MFB - Core skills, Vertebrates, Experimental design, Marine & freshwater ecosystems, Field course
Prof. Barbara Mable Zoo & MFB - Ecological speciation
Prof. Jason Matthiopoulos Zoo & MFB - Applying ecology
Dr Azra Meadows Zoo & MFB - Marine and freshwater ecosystems
Dr Peter Meadows Zoo & MFB - Marine and freshwater ecosystems
Prof Neil Metcalfe Zoo & MFB - Behavioural ecology
Prof. Pat Monaghan Zoo & MFB - Vertebrates, Behavioural ecology
Dr Ruedi Nager Zoo & MFB - Core skills, Ecology
Dr Rod Page Zoo & MFB - Invertebrates, Parasite biology, Evolution
Dr Kevin Parsons Zoo & MFB - Ecological developmental biology, Evolution
Dr Victoria Paterson (SLS) Zoo & MFB - Core skills, Invertebrates, Parasite biology, Experimental design, Ecology field course
Dr Pam Scott (SLS) Zoo & MFB - Molecular methods
Prof Colin Selman Zoo & MFB - Animal physiology
Dr Sofie Spatharis (SLS) Zoo & MFB - Understanding your Data, Invertebrates, Marine and freshwater ecosystems
Dr Mary Tatner (SLS) Zoo & MFB - Parasite Biology
Dr Nicola Veitch (SLS) Zoo & MFB - Molecular methods
Dr Stewart White (SLS) Zoo & MFB - Ecology field course, Vertebrates, Invertebrates, Tropical rainforest ecology

SLS - School of Life Sciences
IIIs - Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation

Zoo - BSc. Zoology
MFB - BSc. Marine & Freshwater Biology

University of Glasgow Exploration Society (ExSoc)

University of Glasgow Exploration Society

The University is also unique in having an historic Exploration Society (ExSoc), which has been helping teams of undergraduate students explore the world on zoological and geographical expeditions for many years. The earliest record of a student expedition is 1920, and over the past 90 years hundreds of students have had the chance to undertake research in the field. Officially founded in 1957, the Glasgow University Exploration Society has been promoting exploration and scientific fieldwork by members of the University, both students and staff, by sending expeditions abroad in the summer vacation.

Read the expedition blogs for more information about the research taking place.