Friday seminars and Postdoc & PI seminars

Graphic for Seminar Series announcement

Due to the current Corona crisis, we have naturally had to postpone our Seminar Series, for both 1st and 2nd Year. Hopefully, we can get these back up and running very soon.

The good news is we are now forging ahead with a new series of PI/PostDoc seminars via zoom...The Virtual!

Every Friday from 4:00pm, we'll be hosting virtual talks by many of our IBAHCM Researchers. It promises to be an informative and enlightening event so please try and join us on

We'll be adding to the following speaker list very soon. For the most up to date info, please also visit our IBAHCM Calendar.

May 15 (4:30pm):
Davina Hill: 
Weather effects on milk production in a temperate climate: future challenges and opportunities?

May 22 (4:00pm):
Nick Hanley: How should we incentive farmers to produce better wildlife habitats on their farms? 
Nick Jonsson: Remote monitoring of health and welfare of cattle