About Je-S

Support and Training

The PGR Service can provide training and advice for staff who use, or will be using, the Je-S system. Je-S also has a very detailed online Help function - Je-S Help.

Je-S is currently used for the following purposes in the context of postgraduate research administration :

  • Submitting research and studentship grant applications to all research councils
  • Providing councils with details of students funded through doctoral training, CASE and other studentship grants
  • Reporting on PhD and Masters completion rates
  • Providing financial reports about grants administered via the University at the end of their lifetime


Recording Studentship details in Je-S

  • To comply with funder terms and conditions, the University must enter details of all students funded by RCUK grants into Je-S no later than 1 month after the student start date.  These records must accurately reflect details of the student project, and funding provenance.  It is essential that the records are maintained throughout the studentship and amended for any period of suspension or other change, such as maternity, within one month of the change occuring.
  • If records are not submitted or maintained in accordance with the funder terms and conditions, funders may impose sanctions upon the University. 
  • These student records are usually created and maintained by the Graduate School, though in some cases this action is devolved to Schools/RIs.  Please contact the Graduate School office for details of how this is administered in your College.
  • The PGR Service provides some oversight of studentship Je-S records, and performs dipstick audits to ensure records are being maintained appropriately.  However, the accuracy of the student records in Je-S remains the responsibility of the Graduate Schools.


Staff Sumitting Studentship Applications via Je-S

Staff are should contact the PGR Service via pgr@glasgow.ac.uk at least 48 hours in advance of a submission deadline to alert us to studentship proposals that must be submitted via Je-S. The submission process has a further 2 steps which are completed by staff at the PGR Service before your proposal is submitted to the Research Council.


50% Funding from a single Research Council rule

  • UKRI funded students must receive at least 50% of their funding (stipend, fees and research support training grant) from a single Research Council. The other 50% can be made up of funds from another Research Council, the University or industry. The remaining costs may be funded from other sources, such as the research organisation’s funds or from research partners. The exception to this is where a student is in receipt of a Fees Only award where this must be funded 100% from a single Research Council.
  • Joint Research Council funding of multidisciplinary awards is possible on the basis of 50/50 funding from two Research Councils. In that case one of the Councils must be designated as the majority funder for monitoring and information purposes.
  • For full terms and conditions of training grants, please see the UKRI website.


Contact Us 

For further information and advice please contact your Graduate School or email pgr@glasgow.ac.uk