RILA Affiliate Artists I.D. Campbell at the RSE

Published: 6 August 2019

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Our Affiliate Artist I.D. Campbell features in "Curious", The Royal Society of Edinburgh Summer 2019 Events Programme. During his residency at the RSE, Glasgow-based portrait painter Iain Campbell will complete a portrait using photos taken of academic refugees from a previous sitting, to form part of the "At Risk Academics: A Portrait exhibition". 

The At Risk Academic Refugees (ARAR) initiative was launched in 2016 to recognise young professionals of outstanding talent from Scotland’s refugee and displaced migrant communities. The RSE’s Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) has committed to reserving membership spaces for at-risk academics and refugees in its recruitment rounds until at least 2020. Three ARAR refugees sat for portraits with Iain, and the results are on display from 2-26th August 2019. 

For more information about Iain's work see his website

For the full "Curious" programme vist the RSE Website:


First published: 6 August 2019