Warm Welcome Walks 2020

This year our Warm Welcome Walks will comprise three walks. 

Warm Welcome Walk 1: Well-being of the Woods - a photography walk
20th of September, 11:00-12:30 at Pollok Country Park
Limited capacity! FREE mandatory registration through Eventbrite
This is a hands-on photography walk, for those who would like to find out more about the project or who would like to spend a late-morning in nature taking pictures.

Open Aye will be hosting our first Warm Welcome Walk of the year, to celebrate and share learnings of their Well-being of the Woods (WOW) project. 

The WOW Project has been providing well-being-enhancing, urban woods based participatory photography workshops, to diverse groups in Glasgow, Scotland, since 2017. To date, approx. 200 people, from around 20 countries, have taken part in 250 visits to green spaces. 80% of project participants have had experience with seeking sanctuary. This is a feel good photo project that welcomes, enhances creativity, encourages cultural exchanges and appreciates nature.

Just in time for the International Day of Peace (on the 21st of September), our WOW Warm Welcome Walk will take a small, physically distanced, Covid-complient group (!) on a wander round the woods, to admire autumns changes and discuss the WOW project methods & impacts. We can share & swap learnings on best practices for guiding folk in safe, nature based creative spaces, which can help with health & well-being.

Well-being of the Woods participants taking photos
Well-being of the Woods participants

Warm Welcome Walk 2: Glasgow and Slavery
Online available as a self-guided tour - duration: about 2 hours


This is a self-guided tour, which means you will be guided by text and images on your phone or tablet. 

This tour of the Merchant City and City Centre of Glasgow is focused around the history of slavery in the city. A series of images and descriptions will teach you about a selection of buildings with strong links to slavery. Join this tour to find some hidden gems and to discover more about the buildings we pass on a regular basis.
The tour was created by Christine Whyte, Lecturer in Global History at the University of Glasgow.
Glasgow City Chambers
Glasgow City Council
Online available as a self-guided tour - duration: about 1 hour
This tour will show you Maryhill through the eyes of the local New Scots. Created by members of the Maryhill Integration Network, it will show you places that are important to the local residents and will regale you with their personal stories. You think you know Maryhill? Think again!

Maryhill is one of the main dispersal areas for people seeking asylum and refuge in Glasgow. For many years, people from all over the world settled in Maryhill; is part of the wider Glasgow community and many New Scots call Maryhill their home.

Since 2001, Maryhill Integration Network (MIN) has been bringing diverse communities together through art, social, cultural, and various other amazing projects. MIN understands that integration is not possible by working with only one particular group within the community and so encourages participation from people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities living within Greater Maryhill, the North West area of Glasgow and beyond.

The tour is created by MIN members who have lived here for 2-6 years, from various parts of the world.

Mural painting of a panther in Maryhill
Mural in Maryhill, Photo by Thomas Nugent