Spring School 2021 - "The Arts of Integrating: Mayday"

Our free two-week festival ran 17- 28 May 2021.

We combined academic thought with artistic and linguistic practice in an effort to share and create new ways of working in the context of integration.  Our entire programme is online - read it here or download the Virtual Spring School 2021 full programme

What happened this year?

We had a fantastic line-up stretched out over two weeks to enable online participation without overloading on screen time. Many activities were offline and self-directed, to allow people in different time zones to participate.

Participants tried their hands at photography, play-writing, debating, listening, walking, poetry, and meditation. To counter the increased amount of screen time were were all facing, we took steps to care for participants' eyes, mental health and social needs, through a variety of online and offline well-being extras.

See our programme for information about our discussions, workshops, performances, presentations, collaborative art and more, celebrating and creating language, art and integration in all its forms. 

How can I catch up?

We have a podcast series "Sounds of the Spring School 2021" dedicated to this year's events.  You can read more about the episodes and listen on our podcast page.

You can catch up with the event on Twitter using #RilaSpring21

Other presentations and materials will be uploaded on the website in due course - but for now we are taking a Summer break.  Check back later in the year for updates. 

Some pages from the programme are below, to give you an idea of what we got up to. 

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