Approved TransSCOT projects:

TransSCOT NumberTitlePIStatusPublication
1 Investigating molecular markers in samples collected from patients with colorectal cancer David Church (Oxford), Iain Tomlinson (Edinburgh), Owen Samson (Glagsow) in progress pending
4 Tumour budding as a predictor of response and survival in colorectal cancer Viktor Koelzer (Zurich) analysis phase in progress
5 Colorectal cancer phenotypic subtypes as a predictor of response to therapy Joanne Edwards (Glasgow) complete


7 Immunoscore of colorectal cancer  Halio Dx (France) analysis phase in progress
8 Image-based transciptional classification of colorectal tumours as predictor of repsonse and survival in colorectal cancer Viktor Koelzer (Zurich), Tim Maughan (OXford), Jens Rittscher (Oxford) complete in progress
12 In silico pathology, large scale genomic instability and new prognostic biomarkers in colorectal cancer Havard Danielsen (Norway) in progress pending
13 Genomic analysis of the tumour and its microenvironment to predict response in adjuvant chemotherapy in colon cancer Campbell Roxburgh (Glasgow) in progress pending
17 Prediction of microsatellite status, BRAF Status and overall survival in colorectal cancer directly from histology with deep learning Jakub Kather (Germany) analysis phase in progress
18 Mismatch repair deficiency in colorectal cancer David Church (Oxford) analysis phase in progress
19 IKKα as a potential novel target for treatment in colorectal cancer Joanne Edwards (Glasgow) analysis phase in progress
20 Identification of metabolic signatures which define therapeutic efficacy in colorectal cancer Andrew Campbell (Glasgow) analysis phase in progress
24 Determining prognosis value of phosphorylated STAT3(705) expression in patients undergoing different chemotherapeutic regimes in colorectal cancer Joanne Edwards (Glasgow), Kathryn Pennel (Glasgow) analysis phase in progress
25 Molecular determinats of anti-tumour immune response and clinical outcomes in colorectal cancer David Church (Glasgow), Viktor Koelzer (Zurich) analysis phase in progress
28 How Ki-67 analysis differs in digital pathology platforms and the associations with survival, recurrance and stages of cancer Matthew Macfarlane (Glasgow) analysis phase in progress