SUERC 'pivotal' in raising aspiration levels of pupils at Calderglen High

Published: 10 September 2013

SUERC's active engagement with the local community results in an "excellent" HMI evaluation for Calderglen High.

Since 2011, SUERC has actively endeavoured to increase the impact and awareness of our research within the local community through the development of education and outreach sessions with local South Lanarkshire schools.  Especially strong links have been forged with Calderglen High, who have fully embraced the concept of partnership working, resulting in the school receiving an HMI evaluation of “excellent” for Q.I. 5.1.  

“A key strength of the school’s curriculum is the extensive range and high quality of contributions from partners which provide inspirational learning experiences for young people. Staff across the school actively seek out partners to work with and many involve parents’ places of work. Partners show a clear understanding of their role in supporting and developing young people’s skills for life and work and are involved in planning, delivering and evaluating learning in and out of the school. They feel that the school is very committed to working with partners in a sustained way to meet a range of learners’ needs.”
(HMI inspection report, Dec 2012)

Subsequently, Education Scotland have chosen to use the SUERC/ Calderglen partnership as an exemplary model for their ‘Journey to Excellence’ professional development resource.  The Journey to Excellence is a practical resource for schools and early education centres to help them make the journey from good to great.  It brings together the principles of self-evaluation, school development planning, measuring and managing performance and school effectiveness and improvement. It also takes these principles to the next level by presenting a coherent view of what works, and how schools can achieve excellence in all that they do.  Best practice guides to partnership working and the benefit it can bring to both parties can be found here ( and viewed in the clips below.

Calderglen High School - Curriculum Design:  Hear staff talk about how their links with employers has shaped their curriculum.

Calderglen High School - Planning across the four contexts:  Listen to staff describe the way they plan their curriculum across the four contexts for learning.

First published: 10 September 2013

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