SIPHER Decision Support Tool (DST)

Assisting effective policy-making for better health and wellbeing

In the dynamic landscape of policy-making, where decisions at national, regional, and city levels impact the lives of many, the need for strategic insight into the whole system's performance has never been more critical.

SIPHER aims to help policy teams to identify the best leverage points for intervention, when the aim is to reduce health inequalities and promote wellbeing in the general population.

Working with policy partners, we have developed the SIPHER Decision Support Tool to help policy-makers navigate the complexities of crafting effective, impactful policies.

The SIPHER-DST builds upon and integrates existing SIPHER computer models that provide projections for health and wellbeing outcomes.

The DST enables policy-makers to: 

  • consider multiple and potentially conflicting outcomes and performance metrics at the same time; 
  • search and navigate through an otherwise unwieldy number of potential leverage points and timings within the system; 
  • evaluating and comparing these leverage points to find and visualise the best set of trade-offs with respect to the outcomes of interest, the levels of stimulus involved, and the uncertainty in the model forecasts.

Related Resources

  • Product Guide -Decision Support Tool   Provides technical details of the characteristics of this Tool including strengths and limitations and the option to directly compare with other SIPHER products.



  • SIPHER Decision Support Tool Trials  - October 2023

We are grateful to SIPHER partners at Scottish Government and Public Health Scotland for their support in trialling early versions of the Decision Support Tool.  Their constructive feedback has contributed to the refinement and continued development of the DST, playing a crucial role in shaping the tool for real-world application.

  • Conference Abstract  - September 2023

    Revealing how the SIPHER Decision Support Tool can help shape effective health policies Shraddha Ghatkar, Economic Evaluation & Decision Support (Workstrand 7) Research Associate presented "A Multi-Objective Optimization Framework for Effective CrossSectoral Policy Making to Improve Population Health and Reduce Health Inequalities" abstract to the Operational Research Society Annual Conference (OR65) in Bath in September 2023.  Read at:  OR65 Abstract  - Pg 142