How British is Scotland?

Leading professors from the Centre for Scottish and Celtic Studies consider the Britishness of Scotland from their disciplinary perspectives, providing cultural and historical context for the upcoming referendum.  

This series of eight lectures takes in Archaeology, Celtic & Gaelic, Gender History, Music, Scottish History and Scottish Literature.

14 January 2014

Catriona Macdonald, Reader in Late Modern Scottish History
‘How British is Scotland? Romancing the Union’

4 February 2014

Alan Riach, Professor of Scottish Literature
‘How British is Scotland? Anglification and the Arts of Resistance’

25 February 2014

Dauvit Broun, Professor of Scottish History
‘How British is Scotland? Britain and Scottish Independence in the Middle Ages’

18 March 2014

Lynn Abrams, Professor of Gender History
‘How British is Scotland? A Gendered Perspective’

8 April 2014

Bill Sweeney, Professor of Music
‘How British is Scotland? Harmonic Fantasy or Unresolved Dissonance?'

29 April 2014

Ewan Campbell, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, & Stephen Driscoll, Professor of Historical Archaeology
‘How British is Scotland? Archaeological Origins of Scotland’

20 May 2014

Thomas Owen Clancy, Professor of Celtic
‘How British is Scotland: Celtic Perspectives on Multiculturism’

10 June 2014

Murray Pittock, Bradley Professor of English Literature; Vice-Principal and Head of College of Arts
‘Flying the Flag for the Union ? Scotland 2014: Yes or No, What Happens Next ?’