Research clusters

Research clusters

The clusters below are an attempt to identify common groupings of interest to facilitate interaction among network members, including development and coordination of funding bids, activities around particular themes, development of partnerships, workshops, teaching development, etc.  They are not mutually exclusive and you are more than welcome to join more than one cluster.  Nor do you have to be a member of a cluster to join the network.  Many activities will be run through clusters, while some activities will be network-wide, although most activities will be open to all network members, regardless of cluster affiliation.  The clusters are intentionally broad in order to be inclusive as possible and facilitate interaction among a wide group of people, but there is also scope for developing smaller working groups within (or, indeed, between) clusters to focus on a particular issue or initiative.

To find out more about a cluster and its members, click on the cluster title.

Equality and Diversity

Postgraduate Cluster

Promoting Awareness and Respect for Human Rights

Security, Conflict, and Protection

Theoretical and Philosophical Approaches to Human Rights

If you feel there is scope for additional clusters which you would like to develop, please contact us.

To join a cluster or the network, please download and complete the GHRN membership form and submit it to

GHRN membership restrictions
The initial focus of the Glasgow Human Rights Network (GHRN) is to forge links with Knowledge Exchange partners, members of the public and other institutions.  This is to ensure we have a core group in Scotland first, before we branch out our membership to the rest of the UK/world.  If you are outside Scotland, we are happy to hold your details on file and contact you at a later date when membership is extended.