About us

The MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research (CVR) is home to an internationally leading critical mass of virologists, entirely focused on the study of human viral diseases and viruses at the human-animal interface. Established in 2010 as a partnership between the University and the Medical Research Council (MRC), the CVR contributes to national virology capability and supports the global response to viruses and the diseases they cause. 

We have an international reputation for our innovative approaches to addressing wide-ranging fundamental challenges of relevance to any virus impacting global health. Our research is advancing understanding of the fundamental biology of viruses, how they emerge and move from animals to humans, and how they enter and spread through communities and cause disease.  

Since 2010, the CVR has made significant contributions to the study of multiple viruses including hepatitis C, herpes simplex, human cytomeaglovirus, influenza, rabies, bunyaviruses, dengue fever, Ebola, Zika, and viruses infecting animals, such as cats, horses or ruminants. This has involved the development of novel virus control strategies and facilities which accelerate antiviral drug discovery. Recently, we have been focussing our efforts on the fight against COVID-19.  

CVR in numbers 

The CVR is a world-leading centre of excellence for virology research, undertaking multi-disciplinary, multiscale discovery science aimed at advancing fundamental understanding of viruses impacting global health and developing innovative control measures for viral diseases.  

250 research staff and students, including: 100+ early career researchers, 50+ PhD students  
4 OBEs – 3 for COVID response  
6 Ebola Medals for Service in West Africa  
Active research awards totalling £60M  
13 early career researchers with prestigious fellowships  
£10M in funding for COVID research  
70 COVID publications 


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