Explorathon 2019

Riverside Museum, 27-28 September 2019

Researchers from the University of Glasgow’s Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience were participants in the Explorathon 2019. The team welcomed roughly 670 members of the public into our display at the Riverside Museum for two exciting days of engaging, explaining, fooling, and dazzling the senses.

CSPE Co-ordinators: Dr Derek Brown and Professor Fiona Macpherson
CSPE Researchers: Victoria Johnstone, Maria Teresa Morello, and Steven Wilson

Interactive Exhibits

Items on display included:

  • A sample of Vanta Black, the darkest known substance.
  • Watercolour illusions
  • Modal completion illusion
  • ‘Reverspective’ 3D images with apparently move in unusual ways relative to observers
  • ‘Mirascope’ 3D optical illusion of an object
  • Hollow mask illusion
  • Animated transparencies causing motion illusions
  • Spinning motion aftereffect disc and questionnaire
  • Jelly beans that you ‘taste’ with your nose
  • Nasty and nice sweets

Explorathon 2019 Derek Brown

Explorathon 2019 Einstein