Facilities and Equipment

C-MIU has a wealth of equipment and facilities in its own labs and can access more through links with other parts of the James Watt School of Engineering such as the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre, resources in the University of Glasgow such as the Kelvin Nanocharacterisation Centre, or through partners like the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering in the University of Strathclyde through the FUSE CDT.

Some of our local equipment is listed below:

High-Speed Imaging Microscopy Tensile Testing

Shimadzu HPV-1 and HPV-X2 high speed cameras

Photron Fastcam SA-Z

Litron Nano L 135-15 pulsed laser (532nm)

Cavitar Cavilux SMART pulsed illumination system

Leica Fluorescence Microscope

Olympus BX53 Upright Microscope w/ Fluorescence

Instron 5966 Tensile Testing Machine
Transducer/Device Testing Materials Preparation/Transducer Manufacturing Vibration Analysis

Verasonics Vantage 128 - Research Ultrasound Platform - High Frequency Configuration

Transducer Testing Water Tank and Hydrophones

Disco DAD3350 / DTU162 Saw

Logitech Lapping Machines 1AL54-1 w. jigs / ancillaries

Polytec 1D and 3D LDVs including MSA-100 3D System Analyser with XY Stage, table, optical table, computer, software
Medical Ultrasound Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Robotic Platforms
Sonic Touch BK Machine, Probes, Software



EDO Robotic Arms