University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

Name and affiliation   Research interests

Mark Bronsvoort 

Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh


Quantitative epidemiological and economic approaches to understand disease in livestock and wildlife populations to inform decisions in livestock production, human health and animal welfare.


Tom Leinster

School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh

  I am a mathematician interested in the quantification of diversity. My background is in category theory, an abstract branch of mathematics whose main application to date has been to computer science; but there also turn out to be surprising applications to theoretical ecology.  I have been using ideas from category theory to develop a new system for measuring biological diversity. 

Liam Morrison

Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh and Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology


Identifying and dissecting host-parasite interactions that contribute to disease severity, with a particular focus on African trypanosomes.