IMAESC International Seminar 2018

Published: 4 June 2018

The second international IMAESC seminar took place at the University of Malta on 28th May 2018.


On 28th May 2018, the University of Malta hosted the 2nd Research Seminar on Issues in International Adult Education which included papers on different aspects of adult education presented by IMAESC students. The Seminar was opened by the University of Malta Pro-Rector Professor Godfrey Baldacchino, the Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta Professor Sandro Caruana and Head of Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education at the University of Malta Professor Raphael Vella.  The Research seminar was convened by Professor Peter Mayo.

An opening keynote address was presented by Dr Isabel De Ridder and Carine De Smet (Flemish Education Council Vlor) on the Curriculum in Higher Education Challenged.  A further keynote address was presented by Dr Itxaso Tellado Ruiz de Gauna, University of Vic on Adult Education research from a Communicative Perspective.

IMAESC students presented a variety of papers on different aspects of Aar.dult Education including:

Presentation session: Adult Education and Social Difference

  • Influence of a Universal Basic Income on Adult Education
  • Discomfort and Disruption: Re-framing Tourism as a Tool for Intercultural Learning and Social Change 
  • Older Adults, Lifelong and Intergenerational Learning. A View from Greece.

Presentation session: Communities, Film and Social Justice

  • Social Mobility or social justice?
  • 'Domingo é dia de Cinema’ Community Education and Cinema
  • Film as a tool for Adult Learning.

Presentation Session Civil Society, Global Citizenship and Social Media

  • The impact of civil society organizations on adult education provision.
  • Creating Spaces for LGBT+ Education: The Role of Podcasting
  • Global Citizenship Education (GCED) for work-based learning: ICT workers

Presentation Session: Adult Education in Regional Context: South East Asia and Oceania

  • Adult Education for Peace Building in Indonesia
  • Ketuanan Melayu'/Malay Supremacy: A Critical Freirean Overview

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First published: 4 June 2018