Postgraduate accommodation fees

Postgraduate accommodation fees

Residential contract dates for academic session 2021-2022 are Friday 10th September 2021 until Friday 10th June 2022 for standard contracts and Friday 10th September 2021 until Thursday 8th September 2022 for 12-month contracts.

Additional nights outwith the above periods are available on request.  For further details on costs please email:

The residence fees are inclusive of the following:

ResidenceRoom typeTotal Fee for Period 10/09/2021 - 10/06/2022Weekly Rates (a)Notes
(All Fees are payable in UK Sterling only)
Kelvinhaugh Street* Single £4,993.17 £128.03 Self-Catering
Lister House



1 Bed Flat (small)

1 Bed Flat (large)

2 Bed Flat

3 Bed Flat













Maclay Residences En suite Single

Large En suite Single


Winton Drive* Single £4,993.17 £128.03 Self-Catering

 *Denotes residence managed by Sanctuary Students.

(a) Weekly rates are for guidance only.


  • All Accommodation fees must be paid through your MyCampus account.
  • To complete contract acceptance, an advance prepayment of £600 must be paid at the time of accepting your online contract.

N.B. The prepayment has been waived for January 2022 offers due to a system update, and the charge will therefore be included in the accommodation fees.

  • See Payment methods for how to pay your accommodation fees.
  • Direct Debit schedules showing actual payment dates and amounts will be issued after arrival. View typical monthly instalments.
  • Residents are required to accept the contract undertaking to occupy their place for the full contract period as stated on the contract.
  • Charges above are inclusive of Internet access, membership of UofGSport facilities, heating and lighting, and group insurance cover for possessions.
  • Charges above are inclusive of utility charges unless indicated "Plus Bills".
  • 24/7 Internet access incorporating Wi-Fi in all bedrooms and communal areas is included and is controlled by the service provider to prevent inappropriate use.  Users must agree to comply with University of Glasgow IT Regulations and Code of Conduct.
  • Options for extending residence contracts from 10th June 2022 for periods up to September 2022 will be offered to residents in certain self-catered accommodation around mid-February 2022.

Financial Aid

If you are having financial difficulty which is impacting on your ability to maintain your payments, please seek advice from the University's Financial aid section.

Rates and range of residence options available are correct at time of publishing, subject to revision without notice