Research title: Multicultural education in secondary music classrooms in China: an exploration of teachers' practices of culturally responsive teaching

Research Summary

My project aims to explore the strategies and activities that culturally responsive music teachers use when planning teaching in secondary music classes, and to discover how they face the complex realities of multicultural classrooms in Fujian with the implementation of CRT. Also, my research seeks to exemplify how teachers strike a balance between an individual adolescent's self-esteem, music preferences, and taste, and the curricular objectives they need to achieve. Furthermore, it aims to investigate the relationship between teachers' attitudes and value orientations towards CRT and their backgrounds. 

The significance of my project lies in enabling teachers to gain a deeper understanding of their students' cultures, which might not have been previously recognised or appreciated. This, in turn, will help marginalised students achieve academic success. Hopefully, this project will contribute to students, music teachers, schools and educators in creating an inclusive and diverse classroom environment that promotes educational equity. 

Additional Information

I joined the school of Social & Environmental Sustainability in January 2024. 

I have obtained both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Fujian Normal University, China.