Tullia Catriona Fraser

Email: t.fraser.1@research.gla.ac.uk

Portfolio: tullia.fraser.com

ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-0979-6805

Research title: Shaping Taste, Building Knowledge: Collecting China in Scotland in the Early Twentieth Century

Research Summary

Project Abstract

The presence of Chinese material culture in Scotland has grown significantly over the last 200 years, much of it during Britain’s imperial expansion. My PhD research investigates the Scottish collecting of Chinese objects during the outlined period, currently held at National Museums Scotland (NMS) and selected Scottish museums. This collaborative doctoral project between the University of Glasgow and NMS explores the lives of selected collectors, what they collected, the reasons behind their collecting, and addresses the implications for museums wanting to use these collections to tell China’s history today.


Research Interests

  • Provenance research of Chinese art
  • Chinese lacquerware, furniture, and associated crafts
  • History of antiquarianism and archaeology in Hong Kong
  • Museums and collections histories
  • Colonial legacies in museums


  • SGSAH AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award
    University of Glasgow and National Museums Scotland
    October 2021–Present
  • Research Training Support Grant
    November 2021
  • Doctoral Training Partnership
    Asia Department and Research Institute, Victoria & Albert Museum
    October–December 2022




Fraser, Tullia Catriona. "Collecting 'China' in Scotland in the Late Nineteenth to Early Twentieth Century". Presentation, Chinese Material Culture in Global Contexts Workshop, Edinburgh Centre for Global History, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 15 March 2023.



  • HISTART1003: Art History in Action
  • HISTART5125: Collecting and Display

Additional Information

Additional Roles

  • Doctoral Training Partnership Fellow
    Asia Department and Research Institute, Victoria & Albert Museum
    Project title – Provenance Research: Minor Dealers of East Asian Objects to the Victoria and Albert Museum (Late 19th- Early 20th Century)


Academic Background

  • MA Museum and Artefact Studies with Distinction, University of Durham.
    Dissertation title – "I Feared that in My Haste, I Had Not Said Everything": Displaying the Chinese Diasporas in Britain
  • BA (Hons) Archaeology with First Class Honours, University of Durham.
    Dissertation title – Strings of the Lotus Root: A Study of Chinese Antiquities Collectors’ Networks from China to the West in the Late Qing-Republican Period (AD1839-AD1949)


Professional Memberships

  • Hong Kong Archaeological Society
    Lifetime member
  • Oriental Ceramic Society
    Student member