Seyi Adewale Adebangbe

Research title: Monitoring and managing oil spillage and Environmental degradation through Geoinformation

Research Summary

Generally, my research focuses on the application of geospatial techniques to environmental monitoring, management, and modeling. The current research focuses on "MONITORING AND MANAGING PIPELINE VANDALISM, OIL SPILLAGE, AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION THROUGH GEOINFORMATION." This entails analyzing and developing techniques for monitoring and managing pipeline vandalism and oil spillage using geospatial intelligence.

The topic is significant in development studies because it elucidates the direct link between pipeline vandalism, oil spills, and environmental degradation, as well as methods for monitoring and managing these occurrences. By examining these, it can contribute to the development of solutions to the current problem of ecological degradation and strategies for preserving the environment for future generations. As such, this topic seeks to expand and deepen theoretical and empirical understanding of environmental degradation and best practices in sustainable crude oil exploration.