Professor Deborah Dixon

  • Professor of Geography (School of Geographical & Earth Sciences)

Research interests

Prof. Dixon is an internationally recognised scholar in feminist geopolitics, and has been key to the emergence of ‘geohumanities’ as an inter-disciplinary field of research and practice. She is the co-founder and editor of the new inter-disciplinary (American Association of Geography) journal GeoHumanities, which publishes analytic and practice-based research, as well as accounts of arts performances and outputs, and hosts online art exhibitions. As PI on the 3-year, NSF/AHRC grant (AH1500022/1) ‘Art/Science Collaboration on Bodies and Environments’ she researched aesthetic, technological, political, and cultural responses to environmental problematics (including toxic landscapes, loss of biodiversity, and climate change) in Europe, the US, Australia and Asia. This research was advanced through her project on “Engaging in Art/Science Collaboration: Communities, Visual Economies and the Spaces and Practices of Exhibition and Display” (AH/J009377/1), which specifically addresses the role of a creative geo-visualisation in narrating and reimagining the relationships between people and land. In addition, and working with Earth scientists and performance artists, she has researched the future of toxic landscapes in Japan in terms of their geomorphology, governance and place in the cultural imagination (AH/K005308/1).


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Current and Recent Projects

2019 Co-I (with Emma Cardwell, UoGlasgow), “Community-Led Science for Climate Adaptation: Supporting Indigenous Water Management in Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico,” Scottish Funding Council, £75,000. Approved.

Co-I (with Lazaros Karaliotis. UoGlasgow), “Gardens Can Grow Here: Humanitarian Place Making, Citizen Science, and Farming Expertises in Refugee Camps,” Scottish Funding Council, £75,000. Approved.

2018 Co-I (with Brian Barrett, UoGlasgow), “Lost limbs, lives and livelihoods: understanding community behavioural change and the role of remote data collection approaches for Mine Risk Education (MRE) in Myanmar,” Scottish Funding Council: Global Challenges Research Fund. £51,000. Approved.

Co-I (with Boyson Moyo), “Drone Governance and Ethic: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities,” Academy of Medical Sciences GCRF Networking Grant, £25,000. Approved.

2017 PI, “Environmental Crises, Displacement and the Remaking of Geopolitics: Communities at the Edge,” SFC Small Grants fund, £47,000. Approved. PI, “Building Sustainable Futures in Africa: Using Capacity Strengthening Activities to Design and Pilot Methods for Cross-Disciplinary Research,” Scottish Funding Council, £36,000. Approved.

2016 PI, “Building Connections: Community based Phytostabilisation/Remediation in southern Africa,” ESRC-GCRF-IAA, £12,420. Approved.