Rachel Eager

Email: r.eager.1@research.gla.ac.uk

Research title: The Emblem Vogue: Interrogating Stereotypes Across the Ages

Research Summary

My research looks in parallel at two international phenomena--Vogue fashion magazines (1892-present) and sixteenth- and seventeenth-century emblem books--and charts stereotypes of gender and race in their methods of text/image presentation. I consider similarities and differences between the early modern period and the present in such representations, whilst considering how such depictions are impacted by readership, given that emblem books are predominantly male orientated while arguably elitist Vogue is aimed at women. The research investigates popular culture’s real-world wider implications, such as influence leading to the outlawing of skin-bleaching products.



I edit, publish and make regular contributions to:

Editorial board member for The Kelvingrove Review, 'Place and Space', issue 19 (2022), University of Glasgow.



  • Research Support Award, 2022.
  • Beatrix Whistler and James McNeill Whistler Travel Scholarship, 2022.
  • Research Support Award, 2023.
  • Beatrix Whistler and James McNeill Whistler Travel Scholarship, 2023.





  • 'Emblematic Aspects of Vogue in a Broader Context', 12th International Conference for the Society For Emblem Studies, Coimbra, Portugal, July 2022.


  • Graduate Teaching Assistant on Comparative Literature 1B, 2023
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant on French Culture 1, 2022/2023
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant on French Culture 2, 2023
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant on Widening Participation, 2022/2023

Additional Information

Academic Background

  • MA French and Politics (Honours of the First Class), University of Glasgow, 2021.
  • MPhil. Comp. Lit. Transferred to PhD, University of Glasgow, 2021-2022.

Projects and Affiliations

  • The Graphix Project: Scottish Education Co-ordinator and Researcher.
  • Member of the Stirling Maxwell Centre for Text and Image Studies at the University of Glasgow.
  • PGR Intern (Comms), UofG Researcher Development, 2022-2023

Professional Memberships

  • The Society For Emblem Studies
  • British Comparative Literature Association