Ohud Abdullah F Alasmari

Email: o.alasmari.1@research.gla.ac.uk

Research title: A Framework for Designing Usable Online Coding Tutorial Systems

Research Summary

Web-based Interactive Programming e-Tutorials systems provide a basis for free and open interactive programming education at scale. Such browser-based systems featuring automated feedback are increasingly popular as remote learning has be come normalized. My work aims to study the requirements that must be informed by a range of disciplines, including system usability,computing pedagogy, and internationalization. In addition, I am working in developing a new model that has four major dimensions: pedagogy, platform, culture and cognition. These dimensions cover the comprehensiverange of requirements for online programming language learners, and can be used in evaluating current Web-based Interactive Programming e-Tutorials systems and can be used as a helpful guidelines for developers of Web-based Interactive Programming e-Tutorials systems.