Novika Kamal

Research title: Algoactivism among Platform Workers: An Attribution Theory Approach


Grasiaswaty, Novika, Khairun Nisa, Denawati Junia, Febri Nurrahmi, Radyum Ikono, Muhammad Fathii, Alfian Noviyanto, and Asep Sukmayadi. "Gender, School Background, Personality, and Performance of Gifted and Regular Students in Indonesian National Competitions." Journal for the Education of the Gifted 45, no. 4 (2022): 404-424.

Grasiaswaty, N., Sadida, N., & Aliviary, A. (2020). Sense of Coherence and Driver Stress in Ridesharing Drivers as Moderated by Community Affiliation. Psychological Research on Urban Society3(2), 8.

Grasiaswaty, Novika. "Reviu Sistematik Penelitian Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) di Indonesia." Buletin Psikologi 29, no. 1 (2021): 28-44.



Bangunkarirmu : Digital Matchmaker for Indonesian Human Resources: 2021 (six months project from July - December)

Grants: Ministry of Education and Research, the Indonesian Republic under Matching Fund Scheme, - $ 6500

This research purpose is to develop a digital matchmaker platform for human resources in Indonesia. Based on the design-thinking method, which consists of several stages: the problem collection stage, the ideation stage, the decision stage, the prototype stage and the validation stage. This process results in a digital platform that can act as a matchmaker for human resources in Indonesia that includes general features and premium features to be commercialised.

Worker Well-being and Non-Work Participation: Universitas YARSI Research Internal Grants 2018 – 2020 ( $2100,-)

This research tests how non-work resources could become alternate resources for low-wage precarious workers to enhance their well-being via personal resources. Drawing from Job Demands-Research Model and combining with Hobfolls' conservation theory, it was argued that worker's resources outside their work would enhance their well-being. This research will focus on the vulnerable worker because their characters have fewer work-related resources than typical workers.

Publication :

Grasiaswaty, N., Sadida, N., & Aliviary, A. (2020). Sense of Coherence and Driver Stress in Ridesharing Drivers as Moderated by Community Affiliation. Psychological Research on Urban Society, 3(2), 76-86. Link:

Grasiaswaty, N. Handayani, D.S (2020). "Role of Work Stress on Individual Work Performance". Jurnal Manajemen dan Pemasaran Jasa. Nationally Accredited Journal.

Human-Computer Interaction: 2020

The goal of the present work was to examine the effectiveness of virtual reality as a tool to induce negative emotions among a sample of Indonesian participants. Emotional manipulation in this research used the immersive video watching method to generate negative emotions, measured using the emotional baseline scale.  

Grants: Universitas YARSI Research Internal Grants (2020)