Martina Lippi



Research title: Negotiating inclusive early careers and the virtual workplace: Diminishing or increasing the disability divide?

Research Summary

The research focuses on neurodivergent workers with particular attention to early careers entering the workplace for the first time. This includes exploring career choices, and how these interrelate with the physical and virtual world of work.  


Lippi, M. (2023) 'Neurodiverse youth transitions into digital workplaces: Between stigma and training needs', Youth + Work Symposium. Monash University, 22 June.

Lippi, M. (2023) 'When in/exclusion works online: A sociomaterial exploration of neurodiverse employees' experience of enterprise social media', EGOS. University of Cagliari, 6-8 July.

Lippi, M. (2023) 'Neurodiversity identity work: A sociomaterial exploration', Work, Employment and Society. Glasgow Caledonian University, 13-15 September.


PhD Tutor (2023/2024)

MGT1005 - Introduction to Management

MGT1026 - Foundations of Finance

Additional Information

Academic Background

MRes Management, University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

MA(SocSci) Business & Management/Social & Public Policy, University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom