Martha Muthina Luka



Research title: Wellcome Trust IIB PhD Programme

Research Summary

My career goal is to use computational approaches to inform public health policy and interventions. As a PhD student, I am currently developing a framework to predict the impacts of rabies prevention strategies in East Africa. This involves using decision tree modelling approaches to study the key factors that influence the effectiveness of different strategies for controlling, preventing, and monitoring rabies and using this information to predict the potential outcomes of these strategies. These efforts will be crucial in achieving the WHO & partners' goal of ending human deaths from dog-mediated rabies by 2030.

My research interests are pathogen genomics, virology, molecular biology epidemiology and public health.


Lamb, K. D., Luka, M. M., Saathoff, M., Orton, R., Phan, M., Cotten, M., Yuan, K., & Robertson, D. L. (2023). SARS-CoV-2’s evolutionary capacity is mostly driven by host antiviral molecules. BioRxiv, 2023.04.07.536037.