Luca Ottonello


Research title: Focussing on emotion in archaeology. Using videogame interactive narrative to study users’ emotional reactions resulting from the exploration of environments in an archaeo-game.

Research Summary

Research area focussing on the integration of emotive interactions in archeogaming environment, using Blender, Unity and various digital programs to create emotional games which identify and express emotion in archaeological reconstruction from objects to people and the environment as a whole.


Is the distinction between reconnaissance, evaluation and full excavation useful, or even viable, in archaeological fieldwork?

December 1 2014, The Post Hole Publishing


The case for listing The Stonebow House, York, YO1 8ZQ, as a Grade II building

January 1 2015, The Post Hole Publishing


Middle management in a foreign land: Experiences of Italian middle managers working as expatriates

December 5 2016, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing


Archaeological excavations and reconstructions of disappeared archaeological heritage (Based on excavations in North-West Russia).

October 1 2018, VITA ANTIQUA


Turning History into a Story Arch to Enable a Computer Game Emotive Narrative Immersion in Archaeology: Palmyra from Queen Zenobia to William Wright

Feb 25, 2021, International Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Studies (IJRHSS)



Cambridge Annual Student Archaeology Conference (CASA)


Archaeology in the modern world


Multimedia analysis and design


Digital media and information

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