Kathryn Raeburn McClure

Email: k.mcclure.1@research.gla.ac.uk

Research Summary

Synthetic Caledon textile dyes: development of analytical protocols for identification and colour preservation in heritage collections

I am a first-year doctoral researcher at the University of Glasgow studying between the School of History of Art and School of Chemistry. My research seeks to develop the first analytical protocols for the identification and colour preservation of the historical Caledon textile dyes – developed in Grangemouth in the 1910s. This research will provide information on the ubiquity, colour-fastness, cultural significance, and exhibition suitability of Caledon dyed artefacts in heritage collections. Through this lens, the research explores the complexities of developing heritage science protocols applicable to the varied institutions involved and considers the wider impact of Scotland on the international synthetic textile dye industry.


PhD Funded by Scottish Graduate School for the Arts and Humanities (SGSAH)