Jake Cunningham

ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0001-6073-8005

Research title: Investigating the roles of hydrogen and electrification in an integrated UK electricity and natural gas system, on route to net-zero and beyond.

Research Summary

My postgraduate research studies focus on modelling energy and power systems in the UK, on route to net-zero. Therefore, I cover areas related to renewable energy generation, the operation, control, and analysis of energy transmission networks and their interactions, and the roles of hydrogen and power-to-gas technologies in future energy systems.

Current Research

An overview of my current research is as follows:

  • Designing and modelling net-zero scenarios for the future UK energy system, with high levels of hydrogen and electrification.
  • Modelling an integrated electricity and natural gas transmission system for the UK.
  • Dynamic assessment of the optimal dispatch of an integrated electricity and natural gas system model, on route to net-zero.
  • Developing transmission network operator scenarios that consider various levels of operator co-ordination.