heloisa dickinson

Heloisa Dickinson graduated with an AS in Cultural Anthropology from the School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo and a BSc. in Geology from Sao Paulo University. She holds a MSc. in Geochemistry and Mineral Chemistry from Sao Paulo University and a MSc. in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh.


James Watt School of Engineering

Research title: Understanding and modelling the potential impacts of alternate land-use practices: CO2 sequestration and pollutant immobilisation in derelict and contaminated land sites 

Research Summary

My research project focuses on the development and parametrization of a technique to sequester carbon and encapsulate heavy metals, organic and radioactive contaminants using accelerated carbonation in different types of soils in the Greater Glasgow area.

Additional Information

Prize Winner of the Best Dissertation in Carbon Management MSc. - 2021/2022 - University of Edinburgh

GALLANT PhD Scholarship