Haoran Liu

PhD student in management

Email: Haoran.Liu@glasgow.ac.uk

Research title: An Assessment of Brand Philanthropy on Perceptions of Consumer-brand Equity Process

Research Summary

Haoran is doing her PhD research topic relating to an assessment of corporate philanthropy on perceptions of brand equity process.

This research will begin by presenting an academically rigorous version of the operational definition of corporate philanthropy in a marketing-specific way. Then, it will contribute to knowledge through building a conceptual link and exploring empirically between philanthropy and brand equity. The result of this research would likely be possible to motivate more businesses to engage in philanthropy.

Haoran is a member of the Marketing Research Cluster.

Areas of expertise:

  • Corporate Philanthropy 
  • Creative Cultural Industries 
  • Research Methods in Marketing



Undergraduate: Principles of Management

Additional Information

Education Background

  • The University of Sheffield - MSc Creative and Cultural Industries Management, 2018-2019
  • Shaanxi Normal University - BAs Chinese Language and Literature, 2014-2018
  • National Quemoy University - Exchange Programme - Chinese Studies, 2015-2016

Consulting and Working Experience

  • Freedom Community Project, Marketing and Strategy Officer, July 2021 up to now 
  • WorldUnion Properties, Consultant, Oct 2019-Dec 2019 
  • Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust, Family Activities Volunteer, Aug 2019 
  • Children’s Media Conference, Reception and Production Room Volunteer, July 2019 
  • Freedom Community Project, Researcher, May 2019-Sept 2019 
  • Sheffield Carnival, Marketing and Social Media Manager, Oct 2018-Jan 2019